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OSA Archived Mailing Lists

The OSA has set up several mailing lists for public collaboration that anybody may subscribe to and participate in. The mailing lists correspond to the three initiatives outlined in our mission statement, plus a fourth list for general interests:

  1. The Marketing list is for discussing activities related to awareness and advocacy of open solutions. Specific topics include customer outreach and feedback, customer success stories, and OSA’s participation at various events and tradeshows. To join, please send an email to marketing-subscribe at
  2. The Interoperability list is for discussing the OSA’s various interoperability projects, as well as overall policies, process, priorities and roadmap. To join, please send an email to interoperability-subscribe at
  3. The Community-Development list is for discussing how to grow the public community focusing on OSA initiatives, including community outreach activities, the tools and infrastructure we use, and so forth. To join, please send an email to community-dev-subscribe at
  4. Finally, the General Information list is for discussing any topic that is relevant to the OSA in general, or anything that doesn’t fit neatly into the above three topics. Generally, if you are subscribing to any of the previous three lists, you will also want to subscribe to this one. Subscribing to any of the previous three lists does not automatically subscribe you to the “members” list – You will need to subscribe to this one separately. To join, please send an email to general-subscribe at

Sending a “subscribe” email to any of these lists will result in a confirmation email being sent back to you. You must reply to this confirmation email in order to be actually subscribed to the list.

The usual “-request” address works as well.

Finally, all of these lists are Archived. You may view the archives here.