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1st Qtr 2007

Second Quarter 2007 Press Releases

June 24, 2007
Open Solutions Alliance Announces New Class of Membership for Users, Addition of Four Members
Growing participation and increasing interest from end users accelerate OSA initiatives
April 25, 2007
Open Solutions Alliance Adds Six Members to its Roster
OSA’s newest members represent the open solutions community and its commitment to interoperability for the benefit of users.
April 18, 2007Open Solutions Alliance Gets Down to Business.
The Open Solutions Alliance Publishes Interoperability Roadmap, Announces First Major Project and Board of Directors.

First Quarter 2007 Press Releases

February 14, 2007Open Solutions Alliance launches at LinuxWorld Open Solutions Summit in New York City.
New "Open Solutions Alliance" Formed By Leading Vendors To Drive Adoption Of Open Source Business Solutions.

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