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Project: Common Customer View
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Solution With Single Sign-On and Data Integration

Benefits to Application Vendors
  • Provides customers the seamless experience they want, while allowing vendors to continue to focus on strengthening their core functionalities
  • Removes a potential objection to adoption by customers
Benefits to Developer Community
  • Practical, real-world guidance to take the pain out of interoperability
  • Motivation to build more integrations
Benefits to Customers
  • Improved customer experience
  • Better, more useful or targeted products

Lack of integration between business processes has enormous real world costs, not least the customer dissatisfaction and service failures caused by disparate customer data systems.

OSA’s Common Customer View (CCV) project has developed standards, best practices and open source code to integrate data from a range of back-end and front-end business applications to create a clear, concise and complete view of all customer activity and “touchpoints.”

Customer Service Representatives with a complete picture of a customer relationship make better decisions more quickly, and retain more customers. Managers create more targeted incentives and identify issues more quickly. Aggregating customer relationship data makes analysis and forecasting easier and more accurate.

The particular applications integrated by Unisys engineers for the CCV solution are interchangeable with other open source and (in many cases) proprietary products serving the same functions. OSA used enterprise-class, fully validated software provided by OSA members for convenience. Applications include:

  • SpikeSource, single sign-on functionality
  • Centric CRM, a front-office application that includes account management and help-desk functionality
  • Openbravo, an ERP application including inventory, order management and financial management features
  • Adaptive Planning, a business performance management application including budgeting, forecasting, and multi-dimensional financial modeling features.
  • Jaspersoft, for real-time reporting and analysis
  • Talend, for open source data integration — the “glue” that allows participating applications to exchange data and interoperate
Host: Unisys

Lead Architects: Michael Anderson and Uwe K.H. Vieille

The public and OSA Members are welcome to review the latest documents and discussion about the CCV prototype project.

CCV Block Diagram
OSA’s Common Customer View (CCV) solution includes Single Sign-On functionality for both security and ease-of-use to facilitate the real world utility of integrating business applications.

The solution’s Data Integration quickly provides a layer of decision support data that would otherwise be cumbersome or expensive to produce. Properly aggregated and standardized data gives managers the data necessary to analyze the needs of an individual customer, clusters of customers, the entire customer base, prospective customers and the business itself.