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Membership Benefits

Membership in the Open Solutions Alliance allows organizations to participate more directly in the day-to-day activities of the OSA, leverage the resources of the OSA and achieve a higher return on investment in OSA-sponsored initiatives. Moreover, members have the unique opportunity to drive initiatives and guide the overall direction of the OSA.

Organizations may join the OSA for a variety of reasons, depending on their business models, their skills and resources, and the nature of the business challenges they face at the time. Many join for the opportunity to form a "common front" from an outbound marketing perspective, while others benefit from the opportunity to network with other businesses and thought leaders driving or adopting open solutions. And others join because they want to solve specific interoperability challenges and prefer do so through collective action with other like-minded organizations. But whatever the reason, we are all unified by the common mission of promoting open solutions and reducing their barriers to adoption. And finally, in all cases, the grassroots spirit of "Give to Get" applies - The more a member exhibits thought leadership and drive within the OSA, the more they consequently can expect to benefit.

Specific benefits that members have realized include:
  • Business/Marketing
    • Awareness: Public recognition and media exposure for leadership and association with the OSA.
    • Business Development: Networking with a who's who of executives and thought leaders within OSA member organizations.
    • Outbound Marketing: Participation in OSA-sponsored trade shows and media activities.
    • Demand Generation: Interaction with end customers and integrators through OSA-sponsored outreach events, leading to potential revenue opportunities.
  • Technical/Product
    • Product Quality: Feedback on product packaging, quality and interoperability through OSA-sponsored integration prototyping efforts, leading to stronger products.
    • Interoperability: Adoption of OSA-sponsored interoperability components leading to more interoperable products.
    • Functionality: Implementation and functionality ideas from other members and from integrators and end customers.
    • Additional community development: Attract interoperability-minded developers to contribute towards making product easier to deploy and integrate.
Membership is open to a diverse range of organizations, including commercial open source vendors, open source communities, integrators, and end customers, with various classes of membership available for each. The OSA's by-laws guarantee certain rights and lists the requirements for each member class. Please click on the "Membership Documents" link at left to download the by-laws, the member agreement and other member documents.

End Customer Membership

End customers of open solutions are especially welcome to join.  There is tremendous innovation happening in end customers' IT organizations, and the OSA is a unique opportunity to feed those innovations back to the vendor and developer community.  Benefits of end customer membership include:

  • Offering innovative IT employees the opportunity to shape and drive the future of open solutions through direct participation in the OSA’s activities.
  • Public recognition as a thought leader / innovator with open solutions.
  • Relationships with executives of many of the industry's top open source commercial entities and opportunity to influence their direction.  Also, by working with one organization representing the interests of nearly 20 vendors, customers can engage in much more productive dialog (i.e. discuss their needs and requirements with one org, instead of 20 times over).
  • Opportunity to share ideas and seek advice from thought-leading individuals from throughout the open solutions ecosystem.
Also, once a critical mass of end customer members have joined the OSA, we shall form an End Customer Advisory Board to guide all of the OSA's customer facing activities.