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Thoughts From Our Members and Friends
Here is what some of the OSA members and friends have to say about why they joined, what benefits they hope to receive, and what they hope to offer to customers.

“Open source software has rapidly evolved from early successes in operating systems and infrastructure software to become a powerful force at the level of end-user focused enterprise applications,” said William A. Soward, chief executive officer, Adaptive Planning. “Now, the ultimate step will be comprehensive open source business solutions—multiple applications working together to deliver higher-value, lower-risk alternatives to proprietary application suites. The OSA is working to accelerate the availability of open source business solutions for the benefit of organizations and companies worldwide.”

"Black Duck Software supports the Open Solutions Alliance's mission to remove roadblocks confronting enterprise adoption of open source technologies," said Douglas Levin, president and CEO of Black Duck Software. "Many companies use Black Duck solutions to ensure they are integrating open source code into their offerings in a proper way. These users understand the power of open source applications, and we look forward to providing insight from our experiences with them to the Open Solutions Alliance."

"Concursive helps businesses develop a 360-degree view of their customers. This view can be improved by integrating ConcourseSuite with other solutions to add sophisticated Business Intelligence and Analytics, for example, or through integration with an ERP system. The Open Solutions Alliance is designed to encourage and facilitate precisely this kind of interoperability between the diverse solutions of its members,” said David Richards, chief executive officer, Concursive. “By working with the other members of the OSA, we can focus on what we do best--building a great CRM--while ensuring that our customers receive a complete solution that satisfies all their needs with best-of-breed open source products that work well together.
Corratech logo“We are thrilled to join the OSA in the effort to help companies realize enterprise-class benefits from open source applications," said Ron Bongo, CEO of Corratech. "In our work with more than 70 global companies, we have seen first hand the growing need for connected and interoperable open source solutions. Enterprise applications cannot deliver value unless they are able to interact with an organization’s larger IT environment and we have been working to solve this issue in open source for several years. We’re excited to add our resources and talents to a group of technology leaders committed to bringing the true power of open source alternatives to enterprises.”
EnterpriseDB Logo
“The OSA is writing the next chapter in the open source history books,” said Andy Astor, chief executive officer, EnterpriseDB, maker of the world’s most affordable enterprise-class database. “Other consortia have focused on specific technologies or projects. OSA is focused on helping enterprises to meet business challenges with open source-based solutions. This reflects the range and maturity of open source business models and comes at a critical inflection point in the evolution of the software market.”
Funambol Logo"As the leading mobile open source company, we've spent years dispelling the myth that open source applications are only for hackers," said Fabrizio Capobianco, Funambol CEO. "Our innovative solutions, such as low-cost push email for the masses, prove that open source is ready for prime time. It's great to see OSA promote interoperability and user understanding that open source is mainstream."
Groundwork Logo "In less than three years, GroundWork has become the leader in open source systems and network management" said Ranga Rangachari, CEO of GroundWork. "We are looking forward to our involvement with OSA and accelerating the adoption of open source in the enterprise.”
Hubstone logo"The key to open source success lies in understanding not how we bridge commercial gaps between closed and open source software, but in how we propel the whole proposition beyond those gaps," said Vince Blogg, principal of Hubstone. "We have to accept that the rules have changed and we therefore need to forge alliances where we maybe once thought to compete. We believe the OSA has the potential to deliver the level of technical and business collaboration required to turn open source from a credible alternative into an enterprise no-brainer."
 "Open Source is all about innovation, frictionless adoption, and community. The Open Solutions Alliance embodies these qualities by making it inherently easier for customers to adopt a wide variety of best-of-breed solutions and applying the power of a community to the integration challenge," said Hyperic CEO Javier Soltero. "By working together, leading open source companies can blaze that trail to ensure their products work together and provide even more choice to users who need comprehensive plug and play options in today's software environment."
Iona logo"Our participation in the Open Solutions Alliance is consistent with IONA's focus on empowering enterprises to adopt open source technologies and to take advantage of the flexibility and innovation that open source offers. We are excited about the OSA because it brings together users and vendors to foster a market-driven, interoperable, and flexible open source ecosystem along with the best practices needed to truly enable successful implementations," said Larry Alston, General Manager of Open Source, IONA Technologies.
Jaspersoft Logo"As open source solutions become increasingly mainstream, and more and more organizations are integrating them together in unique combinations, it's important for an industry group like OSA to provide a reference model," Said Paul Doscher, CEO of Jaspersoft. "In particular Business Intelligence solutions are widely integrated into virtually all solution categories and business process, so it is essential that Jaspersoft take a leadership role in defining and supporting Open Source interoperability guidelines."
Jive Logo “Our customers tell us that interoperability among open source products is increasingly important. The OSA will help meet these requirements and raise the awareness of high-quality, easily deployable open source solutions,” said Dave Hersh, Jive Software's CEO. “Our enterprise-class collaboration software is developed for interoperability, so we’re looking forward to contributing to OSA projects and discussions.”
KnowledgeTree"KnowledgeTree's many customers and open source users represent the long-tail of smaller to medium-sized organizations and departmental users whose moderately-sized IT budgets don't allow for expensive integration and interoperability projects. They've chosen to meet their document management challenges by implementing a simple, powerful and extensible commercial open source document management solution and desire to use other open source applications that bring similar innovation and freedom. The Open Solutions Alliance's mission to reduce the barriers around interoperability and integration between open software applications is an important step towards allowing these many user organizations to fully harness the value of open source."
Mambo logo"Industry focus groups, like OSA, add an important layer of professional advocacy much needed in the present environment," said Ric Shreves, President of the Mambo Foundation. "With an emphasis on cooperation towards mutual goals, best practices and interoperability, the organization stands to bring about real benefits to members and to speed adoption of FOSS in the enterprise."
“Open source is here to stay, so we need to build strong foundations for an ambitious future” said Ismael Ciordia, CTO for Openbravo. “Everyday more businesses are grasping the basics of the open source framework and are showing huge interest in deploying such technology across their organisations. It is vital that we act now to help the industry mature rapidly and meet this need by addressing key issues such as interoperability.”
Optaros Logo

"Enterprises want to focus their time and energy on solving business problems for their customers and for themselves, rather than on interoperability and integration issues," said Dave Gynn, director of Enterprise Tools and Frameworks at Optaros, an international consulting and systems integration firm. "The OSA will be a great champion for addressing interoperability issues and lowering other barriers to open source software adoption. This will allow enterprises to remain focused on meeting their business objectives."

Palamida Logo"Joining the OSA was a natural choice and great fit for us," said Mark Tolliver, CEO of Palamida, "pen source solutions fulfill the critical need for streamlined, affordable and interoperable technologies. The industry has long been held hostage by proprietary solutions that keep companies chained to a particular vendor. The OSA and its members are dedicated to providing effective solutions to this challenge through collaboration. Palamida’s expertise and technology enables the OSA to confidently leverage open source in their development while ensuring software intellectual property compliance. Through granular code base audits, Palamida will provide OSA projects with a complete code inventory - a critical component of software development, risk mitigation and vulnerability assessment."
ProcessMaker logo"BPM and Workflow software suites are fundamentally about integrating people and business systems. The ProcessMaker open souce BPM suite allows a business user that has no programming experience to model and then automate his/her company's unique business processes," said Brian Reale, CEO of Colosa Inc. "Besides creating dynamic web forms, documents, and user roles, almost all company workflows involve integrating with 3rd party systems. Open source means lower barriers to integration and interoperability, and the OSA is key to making this interoperability work better - that makes smart sense to us and our customers."
Q3 InfoTech Logo"We are very much encouraged by the value that Open Solutions Alliance's is bringing to the Vendors and Solution Providers community to expand the market for business open software solutions through cooperative action for the benefits of the end users" said Kumara Samy, Director of Engineering at Q3 InfoTech Solutions, a global solution provider with specialization in Open Source Technologies Integration, Implementation and Support Services. “Our enterprise grade open source solutions are developed to provide high interoperability and scalability, so we’re looking forward to contributing to OSA projects and initiatives."
“Open source software and products are an expanding part the software landscape. We expect the OSA to be a catalyst for the business use of open source software,” said Mike Rudolph, vice president,
 Open source solutions are becoming viable alternatives for enterprises who are attracted by the cost savings and flexibility they provide, but as open source software gains greater adoption, a growing challenge is application interoperability. The OSA is committed to working together to make open source solutions even more robust and ready for enterprise use, by creating a set of open APIs for interoperabilty that anyone can use. Through collaboration between vendors, developers and business users alike, we're working together to make open source solutions the first choice for businesses ” says Kim Polese, CEO of SpikeSource. “SpikeSource is proud to be one of the founding members and helping drive this critical next step in the evolution of the business software market.”
Stuart Cohen
"The market timing for the Open Solutions Alliance is perfect. Open source software is being used in a variety of IT environments and end users want to be able to mix and match different open source projects in a more seamless fashion. OSA’s goal to provide interoperability is a very real requirement that needs to be addressed,” said Stuart Cohen, former CEO of OSDL. "As Linux and open source offerings have achieved critical acceptance, there is increasing activity around building communities and adapting open source best practices for business. I’m looking forward to working with the OSA to help drive this market acceptance.”
Talend Logo “Talend is thrilled to be part of the Alliance. Our own mission to make data integration tools accessible to everyone matches exactly OSA's end goal to make it easier for enterprises to use open source software," said Fabrice Bonan, co-founder and COO of Talend. "We trust that, through the convergence of standards and use of best practices amongst other things, the Alliance will have a tremendous impact on the overall quality of each of its members' solution but also, and most importantly, will help augment the value that the enterprise users drive from business applications built upon our open source solutions.”
Unisys Logo"Established System's Integrators are well versed in mission-critical work environments, and can guarantee service-levels for their clients. This increases the value of the open source solutions," said Anthony Gold, vice president and general manager, Open Source Business, Unisys. "An experienced SI can also develop 'vertical' solutions based on the appropriate mix of commercial, proprietary, and open source components."

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